OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - JAN 8 - 10, 2015 HMQS - SALT LAKE CITY, UT - MAY 7 - 9, 2015 RENO, NV - JUNE 11 - 13, 2015

Quilt Displays

“Shadows”- Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists
(Oklahoma City, OK - Reno, NV)

A collection of art quilts from Quilts on the Wall artists explore the idea of their 2014 theme “Shadows”.

All of the artists have portrayed their interpretation of this theme in their own personal innovative ways.
Each quilt is a one-of-a-kind fabric paintings, either abstract or representational, over the whole surface.


Photo- Karen Markley's "Into the Woods"

An Unfinished Life by Karen Blocher of Unionville, IN

Tide's Out: Pismo Beach by Andi Perejda of Arroyo Grande, CA
Coastal Jog
( Louisville)

2014 NQA Certified Judge Challenge

Given only the inner dimensions of sky, water and land along with the outer dimensions of 18" - 30" x 30" length, twenty one NQA Certified Judges took on the challenge of creating a continuous coastline.

A wide variety of techniques were employed creating scenes ranging from the eastern Carolina coast to the coasts of California and Oregon. Warm sandy beaches change to northern tree lined lake fronts and then to marshy bird sanctuaries; from realistic sunny days to comedic imaginative thoughts.

Enjoy yourself as you immerse yourself in our journey and it may help you to recall poignant memories of a coastal journey from your own past.

  2014 SewBatik Challenge
( Louisville, Oklahoma City 2015)

Sponsored by National Quilting Association (NQA) and SewBatik

100 kits were provided by SewBatik for the 2014 Challenge and 30 of the finished quilts will be on display during the Sew Original Quilt & Creative Expo.


Through the Years…a Collection from Pam Clarke

I started quilting and have been collecting quilts since 1970. In this collection of quilts you will see a how far we have come with hand quilting, piecing and machine quilting.

I have always loved sewing and working with fabric since I was a small child. I started making my own clothes when I was 10 years old, I fell in love with quilting around 1967, my grandmother made quilts and I wanted one so bad from her but knew there was no chance that I would receive one as I am one of 70 grandchildren and I was way down the list.

I decided in 1970 that I would start quilting and make quilts for all my immediate family; (I’m one of 8 children) to this day I have given all my siblings and parents one or more quilts.

I also have a passion for vintage quilts, quilt tops and fabric that started my collection in 1970. I found my first antique quilt dated 1890 in Edmonds Washington and I haven’t stopped collecting yet.

I love the finishing part of quilting, so when I started my Longarm Quilting business in 1988 I had several of my own quilts that needed to be completed and loads more of vintage quilt tops that I had collected through the years. In my Quilting business I have machined quilted over 8,000 quilts, and at one time owned over 300 finished quilts that I have sold, given as gifts , donations etc.

You can see a great change of my quilting style in this collection and how far I have grown in the quilting world starting with my hand quilting quilts then into my machine quilting and finally into my more current style. My favorite type of quilting is traditional, scrap piecing mixed with applique but my passion is working with vintage quilt tops from the early 1900’s through the 1940’s.

Project Quilt Giveaway- for 2014

Project Quilt Giveaway Feeds Needy Children - Buckboard Quilts is giving away 500 small art quilts in 2014 for donations to help stamp out hunger and feed hope.

Quilts by DeLoa Jones
Sponsored DeLoa Jones - DeLoas Quilt Shop

This exhibit showcases DeLoa’s creativity and artistry through her years of quilt making.

Many of DeLoa’s designs are influenced by her sense of traditional quilting with a little twist added.

  Allie Aller Crazy Quilts: New Work
sponsored by Allie Aller / Allie’s In Stitches

An all NEW quilt display for 2014. Allie has combined her crazy quilt work with her deep background in traditional quilting, carrying on her love of fabrics, threads, ribbons, laces, and more out of the box techniques for embellishment...and throughout all, her love of color…by creating quilts that are meant to be functional as well as to hang on the wall.

Machine and handwork combine in these quilts in new ways. Allie is thrilled with her new direction and hope you enjoy it too.