HMQS - SALT LAKE CITY, UT - MAY 5 - 7, 2016 RENO, NV - JUNE 23 - 25, 2016 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - JAN 12 - 14, 2017

Quilt Displays

Inspired by the Beatles
( Oklahoma City, OK, HMQS-Salt Lake City, UT, Reno, NV)

In celebration of The Beatles 50th anniversary of performing in the United States, 150 artists from Germany to Canada to Utah have Come Together to produce 150 original art quilts. Each quilt depicts a different Beatles song, and a wide variety of materials, techniques, interpretations and artist abilities are showcased.

Take a walk down memory lane and see how many songs you can guess the names of! This exhibit premiered at the Houston International Quilt Festival and it is featured in a book published by Schiffer Publishing: Inspired by the Beatles: An Art Quilt Challenge.

 Join in the fun and see how the timeless music of the Beatles continues to entertain and inspire us!

Urban Graffiti

( HMQS-Salt Lake City, UT, Reno, NV )

Graffiti has evolved over the past generation from gangs, hostility and violence to its own unique art form seen in m any venues in many cities. It might be on b ridges, underpasses, walls in center city as murals, paintings on trucks traveling our highways, even as tattoos. QOTW will have a juried exhibition depicting the varied ways graffiti is part of our everyday lives in the 21st century.

Presented by Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists

Made by Stevii Graves and
quilted by Laurie Tigner
 Woolies Four Pound Challenge
(HMQS-Salt Lake City, UT, Reno, NV )


The Woolie Nuts is a group of professional and non- professional quilters, sewers, and fiber artist friends, who meet informally for fun and inspiration. Founding member Pat Sloan received 85 pounds of fabric scraps, remnants from two of her Moda lines.

Rather than discarding the scraps which are left over from making sales sample books, etc., Moda returns the scraps to their designers. Woolie member Stevii Graves said, "Let's do a challenge!" We implemented a few rules, and divided up the scraps (approximately 4 pounds each) among members and a few friends who joined this fun challenge.

presented by The Woolie Nuts

Quilt of Valor Display
( Reno, NV)

The exhibit features quilts made by a dedicated QOV Group meeting at the Fabric-Chicks in Minden, NV the 1st Sat. of every month.

The mission of the QOV Foundation is to cover ALL war wounded and injured service members and veterans from the War on Terror with donated wartime quilts. Whether injuries are physical or psychological QOVS offers comfort and support. Or as a six year old put it: "When the 'soldiers' are 'warring' and they come home and are hurt, the quilt makes them feel all comfy."

Sponsored by: sponsored by Fabric-Chicks

( Oklahoma City, OK)

We usually use maps to help us get where we want to go, but they also can tell us where we are in the Universe and more about our surroundings.

This exhibit features fiber art pieces that explore the various ways that maps and our lives intersect.

Sponsored by: Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists

Your Personal App Challenge
( Oklahoma City, OK)

An App is defined as an application, typically a small, specialized program downloaded onto mobile devices. Artist invited to participate in this exhibit have created small quilts that represents them as an individual.

The quilts show an aspect of their life or their identity. Each maker was asked to describe their personal app.

Curated by Matt Reese and Stevii Graves. | Quilt By Patt Blair

 It's Modern
( Oklahoma City, OK)

What makes it modern? We will show you. The Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guilds presents quilts that represent different elements that make a quilt Modern.

Sponsored by the Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild

A Modern Experience with Orphan Blocks
( All Shows 2016)

I love working with leftover or Orphan blocks from previous projects or one's that I've collected through the years; whether using current fabrics or vintage. As you will notice in this display, I will take and use the whole block or cut them up into small sections. I add current fabrics, usually solids colors around the blocks to make into table runners, wall-quilts or bed size quilts; as you'll notice almost anything goes.

What makes these quilts is the machine quilting through the quilt top. I've been Longarm quilting since 1988 and have finished over 8,000 quilt tops professionally. All of my work is hand-guided using my Gammill Vision 26. I will sometimes use a ruler for diagonal quilting and my Designs with Lines stencils to help keep my background designs evenly spaced. I usually use a cotton batting with a polyester batting on top of the cotton batting to give the quilt more loft. I do use chalk to mark and a washable marker. After the quilt is finished with binding. I then wash my quilt and block it dry.

Quilts by Pam Clarke - Designs with Lines

Celebrate the Day With Quilts - an Art Quilt Challenge

Fifty-three artists from seven states made 72 amazing quilts celebrating some of the random, less well known holidays that occur throughout the year. The artists had a great time creating quilts for National Bird Day, Learn More about Butterflies Day, Bubba Day and many others. Some chose serious days while others chose to be silly, many of them had personal connections to the particular day they chose. They used a wide variety of techniques and created some amazing quilts.

Curated by Shannon Shirley

Breast Cancer Survivors Inspired Display
( Oklahoma City, OK)

The display is designed to raise awareness about breast cancer by showcasing the survivor stories along with the quilts they also received from loved ones.
2015 NQA SewBatik Challenge Quilts "Down by the Riverside"
( All Shows 2016)

The SewBatik Challenge was made possible through the generous support of SewBatik. People interested in participating in the SewBatik Challenge were provided with the opportunity to purchase a fat quarter of a fabric specifically chosen to complement the 2015 NQA Show Theme "Down by the Riverside".

Challenge rules specify that a recognizable amount of the SewBatik Challenge fabric must be used on the front of the quilt.

25 of the finished quilts will be on display during the show

( Oklahoma City, OK, Reno, NV)

A place to feel replenished, relaxed, rejuvenated, and restored. It could be a favorite vacation spot, a concert, or somewhere in your neighborhood, your backyard, or even the oasis withing. A time or experience that is pleasant and restful.
We all have our own personal oasis' in physical, metaphorical or filed away as a memory.
Where do you find your oasis?

Regional Exhibit by Southern California and Southern Nevada SAQA members interpret the theme "Oasis"
Curated by Jamie Fingal

Quirky to Modern Art Quilts
( Oklahoma City, OK)

Quirky to Modern Art Quilts—Hippie at Heart shows that there is a little free-spirited Hippie in all of us and that what was old is new again. Quilters from the 1800s through today have aimed at changing the world by leaving a legacy of creative kindness, love and story that only quilts can provide. As artists we desire to express beauty, love, thoughts, religious and political beliefs, pain and victories through our quilting—to paint our story, capture our memories and dreams with needle and thread. We yearn to be liberated from the oppression of conforming to traditional constrictive patterns that squelch our individuality. And we rebel against being restricted by parameters and judged by the quilt police. We want to stretch the boundaries—be liberated rebel quilters. We’ve got to be free.

sponsored by Buckboard Antique Quilts

Mid-Del Stitchin Sisters Quilt Guild - Mystery Quilt Exhibit
( Oklahoma City, OK)

The quilts are made by the members of Mid-Del Stitchin Sisters Quilt Guild as a mystery quilt during 2015. When each person chose their color scheme, all they knew was how each fabric needed to blend/contrast or be the back ground and yardage requirements. From January through October of 2015, a clue was handed out at each guild meeting. Each person was required to bring the previous clue completed to get the next clue...helping to keep everyone on track to complete a quilt top.

The pattern is "Tell It to the Stars" by Judy Laquidara and can be found at

Memorial Quilt - Honoring 36 Children who Died from Child Abuse in 1995
( Oklahoma City, OK)

The quilt was created by Yvonne Lewis, former, TV news journalist, now advocate for children in memory of two- year-old, Ryan Luke. Ryan died from child abuse in 1995 and later, lead to the creation of the Ryan Luke bill in Oklahoma that changed the way the state handles and places children of abuse. The quilt also includes the names of 34 other children who died from abuse in Oklahoma in 1994-1995. The 93" by 63" quilt will make its rounds across Oklahoma with two goals in mind.

1) To help bring awareness to child abuse.
2) To encourage inmates to practice better parenting through letter writing to their children.